taco bell tastes like shit now

Taco bell drive thru

Cortland_Brewer making a Taco Bell run during an important Halo: Reach match.

Taco Bell is the greatest source of gaming food in the universe. It hit it's peak in Febuary, 2011 when it introduced the nacho cheese double decker. though it has since been discontinued, it is still remembered.

Other delicious items are the 5 layer beeft burrito which has both nacho cheese and sour cream, as well as beef and pinto beans. just 2 of them will fill you up, and only costs around 3 USD.

Taco Bell's biggest buisness is in Greensboro, North Carolina, where a man named Cortland is estimated to contribute to around 23% of sales in the entire city.

Taco Bell is know for not having 100% meat. Though this is true, nobody has died yet, so it's ok. People who eat Taco Bell tend to be happier, and are less likely to be a douchebag or commit emocide.