Modertaor Recon54

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A moderator for the Flood. He is a cool guy that makes very valid opinions on threads. He Sometimes makes his own that are good. Some Floodians lable him an attention whore, it is debatable. At times he doesn't moderate stuff because he's AFK.

He has a love of alcohol and guns. What a combination!

a lesser known fact about the moderators is that they are all convicted felons hired by bungie to moderate their site to lessen their sentance.

Recon Number 54- real name Michael Hunt, is currently on his 17th year on imprisonment, he was notorious in the 80's and eartly 90's for child abduction and molestation, but it was downplayed by the papers to avoid widespread panic. upon capture, officers noted his perculiar dress style and living conditions. his walls were plastered in child pageant winners but all his victims were mail, but his wardrobe were full of dresses and his clothing upon arrest was said to be 'quite feminine'. psychologists theorize that Mr Hunt believed he was, or believe that he wanted to be 'a little girl' and the abductions and molestations were merely him trying to be a girl.

it is doubtful that Hunt will ever see release but it has been observed that his near constant moderation of the site has led to a sharp decline in his unorthadox behaviour.