Doctor ImperialAdmiral is a freelance scientist and member of since 2010.
Jesse 122 emblem by notameme-d39b734

ImperialAdmiral's Emblem, taken from his Reach Emblem, in fact, they are one in the same.

He has been noted for inventing things such as the Battle Android, Plasma weapons, The cures for cancer, AIDS and the common cold, Nintendium, the universe creation machine, and was the first to breed giant crickets.

He has also been noted to be able to transform into a black dragon, a result of self experimentation.

He has 9 PhDs, he has never revealed however what they were for.

He has been known to be an eccentric and unstable fellow, often times he has no idea how he feels. ImperialAdmiral often walks around on a fedora and trenchcoat. He is also rumored to be a Psychic, but he has denied this.

H has been known to hate grammar nazis

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