Elder Holguin is a member of the Flood that spends his whole day talking about Fallout. Most specificaly the Brotherhood of Steel. He proclaimed himself Max Shit Elder of the Brotherhood of Steel and swears he controls a bunch of stormtroopers. ELDER HOLGUIN IF YOU ARE READING THIS, PLEASE STOP SIGNING -DOOGY- after every post is annoying. Edit:Whoever wrote -DOOGY- is not funny

Revised Version by Elder Holguin

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Elder Holguin is a member of the Flood that spends his time on the Flood answering threads. He loves the Fallout series, especially the Brotherhood of Steel. He goes by the name Elder Holguin because of his deep love and interest for the Brotherhood and wished that someday an RTS Fallout game will come out. TO WHOEVER MADE THIS HATE PAGE AGAISNT ME, PLEASE STOP HATING AND FIND SOMETHING TO DO WITH YOUR TIME, IF IT PISSES YOU OFF THAT MUCH THAT I SIGNED MY NAME, TOO BAD DEAL WITH IT.

-Doggy- AKA the real Elder Holguin

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