It is an arguement that has been going on forever (exaggeration) in the Flood. Usually one troll will make a thread saying MW3 will be better than BF3 or vice-versa, and then all hell will break loose. Both MW amd BF fanboys will then ignore the concept of opinion, and start giving overused reasons why the prefer their game. Example? BF3 HAZZ MORE DEZTRUSTION or , MW3 IDSN M0RE FAZZT PASCED. It is a perfect example of how the human race can't respect each others opinion and understand that we aren't all the same or we don't all like the same things. The irony of the fanboys who argue with each other is that they usually all play both of the games (BF3 and MW3) So PLEASE STOP WITH THE BF3 VS MW3 THREADS. the fact is no ones played either so shut the fuck up.